At Worsthorne Primary School, we believe that teaching and learning in music is important because
it stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. We want our children to love music. We want
them to have no limits to what their ambitions are and grow up wanting to be music producers,
songwriters, composers or rockstars! We aim to give children access to an engaging and fun music
curriculum reflecting the world they live in now, but at the same time giving them access to musical
styles throughout history. Children are able to listen and appraise a variety of musical styles
alongside performing pieces and creating their own compositions through the use of instruments
and technology. To achieve this, all children access a variety of musical games, songs, instruments,
music workshops, and extra – curricular activities giving them practical hands on experience. We
hope children continue to grow in confidence as they progress through the musical curriculum and
become passionate in their responses to music. Added to this, we want children to become more
independent learners within this area, reflect upon their learning and develop resilience within the
musical world.

Have a look at our newsletters to see what we have been up to so far and don’t forget to check back later in the year for more updates.