Meet The Teachers

Mrs O Brien

Mrs McKenna

Miss Topping

Acting out the part where Robin breaks his father out of the dungeon and has to parade him around the market square before they have the chance to escape from the guards. 

Lazy guards. Robin’s father blind on horse back. Robin parading his father around on horseback. Market people shouting and throwing rotten fruit at Robin’s father. 

The children thought carefully how each character would feel, what they might say and how they might act.

I am a Mountaineer!

Building on our enquiry skills, items were brought into our classroom and we had to ask questions about what the items were for.

We figured out they could be used for exploring and climbing mountainous ranges.

Our investigations took us into exploring the features of mountains, which are the worlds highest mountains and the adventures of Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed the tallest mountain in the world; Mount Everest.

Our Classroom Environment

We have different areas in our classroom which still develop the children’s independence and imagination. Children in Year 5 still love to play and explore so we have provided opportunities for this. Here are our reading and construction area.

We are volcanologists!

Our wow starter for this half term was investigating an erupting volcano.

The children were very excited to see the volcano erupt and expected to see it shoot out of the top and hit the ceiling. although this did not happen, the volcano still erupted like a real on would. Smoke seemed to come out of the top first and then the eruption of the red/orange lava flowing down the terrain of the volcano.

It sparked a lot of questions such as: Why does a volcano erupt? What is lava and why is it hot? Which is the tallest Volcano?

Over the weeks, the children will find out about the earth’s tectonic plates, how volcanoes are formed, the new vocabulary linked to it and the reason for volcanic eruptions.

Volcano chatterboxes

We made our own chatterboxes to help us understand the structure of a volcano. On the outside, we drew the terrain and lava. Inside, we drew the different layers of the volcano, the magma chamber, the vent and the side vent.

Watch this space for more volcano fun!

It’s snow fun!

Fun time in the winter snow. The children had the best time!


What a fabulous time Year 5 have had learning about volcanoes! We made our own volcanoes using bottles, newspaper and plenty of glue and paint (a big thank you to parents for supplying the paper and bottles). The children spent the next day making posters and putting together presentations telling everyone what they knew about volcanoes. At the end of each presentation, we set off the volcano using red food colouring, vinegar (acid) and bicarbonate of soda (alkaline). The children loved the explosive power of their volcano (Mrs O’Brien might have put a little too much of the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in each volcano!). The language, the knowledge and the presentation skills were amazing from everyone in class. We are SO proud of Year 5 for their enthusiasm, self motivation and dedication to their work. They smashed it!