At Worsthorne, we believe that Spanish should be taught in a way that inspires our children to have a love of learning a new language alongside a deeper understanding of the English language. We want pupils to develop the confidence to communicate in Spanish for practical purposes, using both written and spoken Spanish. Through the learning of another language, we also aim to foster our children’s curiosity about the world around them and the cultures of other people.

Spanish Day/ European Languages Day

On Monday 26th September, we celebrated Spanish our new language being taught to KS2 children. This coincided with European Day of Languages, that is marked all over Europe to promote awareness of the importance of language learning. The children will be taking part in a range of activities such as taking part in Flamenco dance, learning about Spanish cuisine, painting like Picasso and discovering the history of the Sagrada Familia. To mark this occasion all KS2 children came into school wearing clothes that were red or yellow.