At Worsthorne Primary School, it is our intent to provide all children with a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to assist children and young people to prepare for adult life by supporting them through their physical, emotional and moral development and helping them to understand themselves, respect others and form and sustain healthy relationships. This will be implemented by delivering a programme of study that is bespoke to our school and all our children.

Implementation through Teaching and Learning


The school seeks to provide a safe, secure learning environment for PSHE that enables children and young people to gain accurate knowledge, develop their own values and attitudes and develop skills to grow into happy, confident, successful adults. At the beginning of each year, every class sets ground rules that children must follow during PSHE lessons. This creates a safe and supportive learning environment and allows children to feel comfortable and to speak openly and honestly.

At Worsthorne Primary School, we promote the needs and interests of all pupils, irrespective of gender, culture or background and all teachers take into account the children’s age, ability and readiness when planning and implementing their PSHE lessons.

PSHE is delivered through discreet curriculum time, assemblies and class discussions/circle time, with teachers ensuring time is made within the curriculum to meet the needs of the children in their class. Certain topics may be discussed more informally as and when issues arise throughout the school year. We respect pupils’ unique starting points by providing learning that is suitable to their level, taking into account their age, maturity and how emotionally secure they are.

Within the academic year, theme days or weeks are also planned to incorporate aspects of the PSHE curriculum. These include Safer Internet Day and Anti-Bullying Week. Things such as ‘The Daily Mile’ are also integral parts of our school day and link closely to PSHE objectives.