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Learning Resources

Below is a list of learning resources that you and your children can use online.

Phonics Play


Word Hippo

Oxford Owl

Times Table Rockstar


Topmarks Maths

Calm Zone-activities to keep you calm

Games to take your mind off things

Online safety

With tablets, smart phones, computers, consoles, and smart TV’s you are connected to the internet every day in nearly every aspect of your life.

There are risks to all this access to online content and you need to be aware of how to behave, what to look out for, and what to avoid online to stay safe.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links, for whatever you need.


You can talk to Childline on the phone or online whenever you need. Whatever your worry is, it’s better out than in.


If you or a friend are worried about something that has happened to you online, or uncomfortable with something that another person on the internet is asking you to do, then don’t keep it to yourself- you can report it here. Click on the photo above and it will take you to the website ‘Thinkyouknow’.


Learn about your Internet safety on adventures with Smartie the Penguin, or Captain Kara and the SMART Crew.


Learn with Clicky through games and videos about how to make yourself safe online.

Anti Bullying

Bullying can happen at any age and can be acted out through emotional or physical harm, or both.

Bullying can happen in all sorts of situations and it can take various forms:

  • being called names or having untrue things said about you
  • being ignored, threatened, physically hurt or intimidated
  • having your possessions stolen or damaged
  • being made to do something you don’t feel comfortable with so that you can be part of the gang

If you’re being bullied you may feel like there’s no way out but there is help available.

Other organisations who offer confidential advice and support are:

Bullying UK

For advice and support whenever you need it.


For young people affected by bullying.