Head Boy: Blake

Head Girl: Daisy

Deputy Head Boy: Ashley

Deputy Head Girl: Darcy

Our Year 6 children were given the opportunity to apply for the position of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. Roles that are new to Worsthorne Primary School. Many of our Year 6 children sent in fantastic applications that the panel were blown away by! The shortlisting was difficult as every child met the criteria. We decided to hold interviews which were done in groups so that we could see how they interacted with others, how well these listened, how they communicated and so that we could hear their ideas. We all know that Blake, Daisy, Darcy and Ashley will do a fantastic job!

School Ambassadors

Our teachers have chosen children from their classes who they think are good role models and will represent the class and our school really well.

Our ambassadors will have regular meetings with the Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and school leaders to find ways to make our school even better.

They have an important role to play. They will provide a way for pupils to voice their thoughts and opinions about our school. They will have their views listened to and will be involved in important decisions.

Our school ambassadors have worked hard to collate everyone’s views on our Active Play sessions. From this, a vote was held as to which activities the children would most like to take part in each afternoon. They also met with Mr. Lomas, who is our P.E Leader and Mrs. O’ Brien who is responsible for behaviour in our school and asked them to monitor the current active play sessions and playtime behaviour and they used this information to help with their decisions. The ambassadors invited Mr. Lomas and Mrs. O’Brien to their ambassador meetings and asked them to present their findings. 

SWAT (Schools Working and Achieving Together) Ambassadors


We went to Burnley Youth Theatre with other schools and our focus was diversity. We were split into two groups, in the morning one group went to do puppets and the other went to do drama and in the afternoon we swapped.

Our favourite thing was making the puppets because we got to design our own and make it as unique as we wanted. We loved creating and designing it and adding hair, a face, material for a body and arms. We loved that we got to make our own puppet and take it home too.

Drama was really good too. We played funny games and it was really good mixing with other schools. We had to get into groups with children from other schools and we really enjoyed this because we got to know lots of new people.

At the end of the day we got to show the rest of the schools our puppets. We also performed our drama routine in front of everyone. I loved doing this because our ideas were listened to and in our performance our ideas had been included and we had been given lots of freedom to do what we wanted based on what the teacher had suggested.

By Daisy J and Benjamin G

Our SWAT ambassadors spent the day at Burnley Youth Theatre with the other schools in our cluster. 

The aim of the day was to make a new friend with someone from a different school. The children enjoyed two workshops on the day. One was making crankie boxes that told a friendship story and the other workshop was to create a banner based on friendship.

At the end of the day, all the schools came back together to showcase their work and to celebrate each other. 

On our recent SWAT visit to St John’s Southworth we started by playing games with the other schools. This included playing a game where we were blindfolded and we had to find treasure. Then we got into groups with other schools and we had to work together to make different shapes out of rope. We then gathered around the campfire where we toasted  marshmallows on sticks and made S’mores. This was my favourite part of the day! Later, we made friendship bracelets by twisting wool together. We gave these to our new friend. We played another game, which was girls v’s boys. The girls won! Then we got the bus back to school. I had a very nice day and I am very excited for our next SWAT event.

By Brooke (Year 6)

Reading Ambassadors

Anna and Eli are our new Reading Ambassadors. They are both avid readers and love reading so they were a perfect choice. The girls will be helping organise our reading areas, help others with claiming their reading prizes and will be recommending books to us all. Both Eli and Anna are perfect role models in all aspects so I know they will do a great job.

Mental Health Champions

Joni and Molly joined Mrs Cockett on a training day to become MENTAL HEALTH CHAMPIONS for our school. They are already full of ideas and enthusiasm to get the initiative up and running! They are starting a ‘Colour Monster Club’ after half term. The sessions will involve activities to promote all of these things. From games, reflection, yoga, colouring and mindfulness, the club will hopefully give children strategies to help with their own wellbeing.

Molly and Joni have been presented with their new hoodies to wear for their new role in school. The girls are wearing green hoodies as green is the colour of the ‘Calm’ Colour Monster. They are here in school to help others who may be feeling a little sad or need someone to talk to. The girls have completed their mental health training and will be supported in their role by Mrs. Cockett. All our children know that they can speak to any adult in school but they can now also speak to the girls.

Molly and Joni

Olivia and Eadie have also received training and are now Mental Health Ambassadors too. The girls are doing a great job, with Molly and Joni to help them.

They wear green lanyards to show everyone who they are and that they are there to help.