Admission Arrangements 


Worsthorne Primary School’s admission number is 30 which is jointly agreed between the LA and the Governing Board and this determines the maximum number of pupils that the school will admit in September each year.


Parents are asked to express their preferences for a primary school of their choice. The parent also orders preferences. If Worsthorne Primary School is oversubscribed the following criteria will be applied in priority order:

  1. Children in public care at the time when preferences are expressed and who still are at the time of the offer of a school place, and those that have bene previously looked after.
  2. Children for whom the Local Authority accepts that there are exceptional medical, social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned
  3. Children with older siblings attending the school when the younger child starts
  4. The remaining places are allocated according to where the child lives. Those living nearest to the preferred school by a straight line measure will have priority.


Applying for School Places 


Lancashire’s online admission application system is the main route for all applications for new Reception (Primary) and Year 7 (Secondary) places.

Click the link below to access the website





Information for Reception Parents 

After the application process closes (in January) and you receive your child’s place (in April) we then begin the preparations for your child starting with us in September.

As part of welcoming you to our school family, we invite you to confirm your acceptance of the school place via email. Once we have received your email we can start our correspondence with you and arrange transition visits.