Meet The Teachers

Welcome to Year 2!

Your teachers this year are Mrs

Western, Mrs Noon and Mrs Skaife.

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Royal’

Our wonder question is ‘What does the King do all day?’

Our job role this half term is  ‘We are


What will we discover? Where will we explore? Keep checking back for updates on our learning this half term.

Our role this half term is ‘We are Marine Biologists’


Super Mathematicians

We have started this term with some practical maths. The class played a game called ‘Guess my number’. The children represented two digit numbers with different equipment and challenged their partner to show the number on their 100 square. I think the bead strings were the favourite piece of equipment and it took a lot of concentration and focus to check the number on the 100 bead string as it was very long.

Incredible Readers

One of the best things about moving to a new class is… new reading books.

Year 2 enjoyed some chill time on a hot Friday afternoon, exploring our new library and sharing a story with a friend. What a lovely afternoon we had!


Rock Stars!


What an amazing day was had by all. Our children looked incredible on our Timetables Rock Star day in school.