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R.O.C.K  – Rise of the cool kids!

R.O.C.K have been into school this week to offer all the children a taster session. The children in Year 2 loved this. Take a look at some of the amazing instruments we played to ‘We will rock you!’



In science we have started to explore different materials and their properties. The children could sort the objects into different categories such as objects made from wood and plastic or objects which are transparent and opaque. The children then began exploring where materials come from, using our I wonder question. I wonder where do the materials come from and how are they made? The children learnt about man- made and natural materials.

We love 3D shapes!


The children have LOVED exploring 3D shapes. They have used whiteboard pens to help them to count the faces and curved surfaces on the 3D shapes. They then drew around the shapes onto paper to recognise the shape of the faces on the 3D shapes. Finally they popped the shapes into the mystery bags and boxes and described the properties of the 3D shapes to their friends and their friends had to work out the mystery shape! They did a super job :)!

Year 2 story book box and knowledge book box!


Every Friday our book boxes go home with 2 selected children. The boxes include a story book or knowledge book, a sketchpad, paints, felt tips and pencils. The children spend time enjoying the books at home and display their fabulous work on one page of the sketchbook, before returning them to school on Monday. Whilst reading the children enjoy a hot chocolate and cuddly toy which is provided in the box. Here are examples of some of our amazing work from the Year Two sketchbook.


This half term we will become Marine Biologists and find out all about the sea, what lives there and how we can look after it.

In our Geography lesson we have been exploring the world using an Atlas…

We had lots of fun exploring the computers at the code show…

In our music lessons we played the percussion instruments- it got rather noisy…

In RE we have been using drama to recreate the ‘Creation Story’…

Look at the shapes we have made using straws…

Year 4 came to share their stories with us. We really enjoyed listening to their work and hope they can come back soon…

Our art unit was ‘We are Architects’. We think the children did an amazing job of making their own houses. 

This half term we will be learning…


This half term we will be learning and practising skills to enable the children to:

  • Write simple fractions for example, 1/2 of 6 = 3 and recognise the equivalence of 1/2 and 1/4  
  • Tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.
  • Know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day.
  • Compare and sequence intervals of time.
  • Use reasoning about numbers and relationships to solve more complex problems and explain their thinking.
  • Solve unfamiliar word problems that involves more than one step


We will begin the term by using the text ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and complete some letter writing.


We will move onto a unit of work based on the book and film ‘Aladdin’. This is my favourite unit of the whole year and the work will continue throughout this and next half term enabling the children to have many opportunities to develop their skills and produce quality written outcomes such as a setting description, diary entries in role, poetry, a persuasive letter, a persuasive poster and an additional chapter in the story.


Home reading is so important and it really shows when a child is supported with reading at home. Just 5 minutes each day makes such a difference to your child’s fluency in reading. The children will receive two team points for each day they read at home so please sign their reading record when they have read to you. We are monitoring reading at home closely and if the children have not read at home we are trying our best to have an adult spend some time during the day listening to them reading.


Our topic this half term is ‘Wind in the Willows’. In science, we will be looking at animals and their habitats. Exploring first the difference between living and non-living things, we will then find out about habitats in our local area, before looking further afield from seasides to the Sahara! Our trip to Knowsley Safari Park will help us with this unit.


Last half term we tested my ‘green finger’ skills with planting (Let us not mention this again- I hope your pea plants turned out better than mine!) This half term we are going for the sewing skills in Design Technology… all without Mrs Skaife’s help as she is now on maternity leave. We shall find out how to work with fabric to create their own puppets. Starting by looking at simple finger puppets, then develop and refine their sewing skills before designing, creating and evaluating their own glove puppets. I can’t wait to see the outcome- your children are so creative!

In Geography, we will learn about seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom. They will observe and record weather conditions and start to consider how these affect human activity. We will be thinking about what happens during the season of summer, what the weather is like in summer including what happens to the length of the day, and what happens to plants and animals. Children will make links to learning in science and previous work on hot and cold places of the world in Year One.

Our Religious Education lessons will focus on Judaism and we will answer the question ‘What aspects of life really matter?’ In this unit, we will examine Jewish beliefs and practices linked to the Sabbath (Shabbat). Opportunities are provided to explore the significance of the Sabbath and why Jewish people keep the day holy. Within this, we will discuss the importance of holy days and how these might unite families and give time to spend together.

This half term our topic is…

‘The Farm Shop’


This half term we will be learning and practising skills to enable the children to:

  • Identify and describe the properties of 2-D shapes, including the number of sides and line symmetry in a vertical line.
  • Identify and describe the properties of 3-D shapes, including the number of edges, vertices and faces.
  • Identify 2-D shapes on the surface of 3-D shapes, [for example, a circle on a cylinder and a triangle on a pyramid].
  • Compare and sort common 2-D and 3-D shapes and everyday objects.
  • Recognise, find, name and write fractions ,  ,  and  of a length, shape, set of objects or quantity.
  • Write simple fractions for example, of 6 = 3 and recognise the equivalence of   and


Our English unit is a narrative based on ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’


Our topic this half term is ‘Farm Shop’.

The focus of our unit is Science and in our lessons, we will recall and describe the conditions required for healthy plant growth, observe seeds and bulbs and investigate how they grow into plants then compare the growth of plants under different conditions.

Have a look at what we have been up to in class…

We are so lucky this half term to have Tegan, from Sanderson’s Dance Company, to come and teach us some street dance moves.

Here are some videos of what we got up to this week….

Maths grouping and sharing- We are multiplication and Division superstars!

Maths grouping and sharing- We are multiplication and Division superstars!

Science- Comparing bulbs and Seeds

Have a look at the amazing vehicles the children made in D.T

Welcome back

We have had so much fun this half term learning all about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.


Have a look at the photos and see if you can spot who is ‘Team Armstrong’ and who is ‘Team Columbus’

In Design Technology we have been looking at vehicles and their uses. We then experimented with different chassis’ and thought about what made a good chassis and how we could improve the ones we had experimented with.


Watch this space for our final products at the end of this half term. Here are some photos of our investigations…

Our Religious Education lessons have focused on Hinduism. We have really enjoyed learning about one of the oldest religions in the world.


Here are photos of us reenacting some of the important ceremonies of a Hindu child’s life, called Samskaras. 

We learnt all about the important symbols at a Hindu wedding and created our own flower garlands like the ones we saw in a video. The bride and groom place the garlands on each other during the ceremony. Our classroom turned into a mass of bright card… it is a good job we are experts at tidying! 

Our topic is….

Our topic is….

This term our focus text is…

This is a beautiful story which links perfectly into our new topic. I wonder what the trees in Worsthorne have seen in years gone by? We will be studying our local area in History, Geography and Art. 

In History, we will be exploring the changes that have happened in school and the local area. We will be looking at the playground and games that children used to play in the past. 

In Geography, we will be using maps on a range of scales and looking at how we could improve our local area. Part of our studies will concentrate on how our local ‘Friends of Worsthorne and Hurstwood’ group fund raised to improve the park next to our school. We are so lucky to have such wonderful role models. 

In Art, we will be using printing to create a picture of a place in the school grounds. 

Hello and welcome back after the summer holidays.

We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term starting with our topic of…

‘The Place I Live’