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Our role this half term is ‘We are Royals’. 

Brilliant Book Awards

We have been very lucky to be signed up to the award.The Brilliant Book Award (BBA) is our exciting reading club for children aged six to seven years. Throughout the spring term children are encouraged to have lots of fun, sharing stories and voting for their favourite book to win a Brilliant Book Award. We have been gifted four different stories which we are reading in class and completing a variety of activities linked to the stories. At the end of March we will vote for our winner!

Alliteration Poems

The children have been reading ‘The King who banned the night’. They used adjectives to describe the images from the story and then began to write catchy alliterations about the king, the castle, the crown and the people.

Tick Tock Tick Tock!

We have been busy learning to tell the time in Maths. The children have been learning o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Most children have also taken on the challenge to tell the time using 5 minute intervals too. To practice these skills, we have used clocks and played games such as clock bingo and clock dominoes. The children have been fantastic at using new vocabulary- they know we say minute hand and hour hand rather than big and small. 

Our role this half term is ‘ We are Explorers’.

Who is the greatest explorer?

The children have been studying Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. They explored what life was like in 1492 when Columbus set sail and in 1969 when Armstrong first walked on the moon. They wrote diary entries on behalf of both explorers. They discussed how their actions impacted their countries and how they impact us now. The children compared the two explorers and gained opinions on who they believe is the greatest explorer.

We can explore materials.


In science we have started to explore different materials and their properties. The children could sort the objects into different categories such as objects made from wood and plastic or objects which are transparent and opaque. The children then began exploring where materials come from, using our I wonder question. I wonder where do the materials come from and how are they made? The children learnt about man- made and natural materials.

We love 3D shapes!


The children have LOVED exploring 3D shapes. They have used whiteboard pens to help them to count the faces and curved surfaces on the 3D shapes. They then drew around the shapes onto paper to recognise the shape of the faces on the 3D shapes. Finally they popped the shapes into the mystery bags and boxes and described the properties of the 3D shapes to their friends and their friends had to work out the mystery shape! They did a super job :)!

Design and Technology- We are Mechanics!

The children have been learning about wheels and axels. They learnt about different ways the wheels and axels can work together to make a vehicle move. The children went on to design, make and evaluate their own christmas sleighs (with wheels and axels). During the process the children have shown amazing teamwork and resilience skills.

Sparkle in the sun!


The children have loved learning our song ‘Sparkle in the sun’. They explored rhythm and pulse whilst singing the song. The children were then so excited to add their own actions to the song and play the glockenspiels. The children began to learn the notes G, A and B and explore the high and low pitches created on the glockenspiels.


The children then asked to perform the song to their parents at the christmas show. It was a HUGE hit!!

Year 2 story book box and knowledge book box!


Every Friday our book boxes go home with 2 selected children. The boxes include a story book or knowledge book, a sketchpad, paints, felt tips and pencils. The children spend time enjoying the books at home and display their fabulous work on one page of the sketchbook, before returning them to school on Monday. Whilst reading the children enjoy a hot chocolate and cuddly toy which is provided in the box. Here are examples of some of our amazing work from the Year Two sketchbook. This half term our fiction book is Rock and Roll and our non fiction book is Seas and Oceans.

R.O.C.K  – Rise of the cool kids!

R.O.C.K have been into school this week to offer all the children a taster session. The children in Year 2 loved this. Take a look at some of the amazing instruments we played to ‘We will rock you!


The fire service came to visit Year 2 and shared lots of valuable advice. The children had the opportunity to join in with role play situations and use the firefighters uniforms and equipment.

Friendships, turn taking, imagination and resilience in the snow! 

The children had so much fun in the snow and it was amazing to watch how they behave towards each other. They created their own games, and showed great teamwork and turn taking skills :).

Christmas party fun!

We has so much fun playing party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, corner (christmas edition!). The children then had a special visitor who brought us all presents.

Our role this half term in ‘We are Marine Biologists’.

The children will find out all about the sea, what lives there and how we can look after it.

Where in the world do I live?

In our Geography lessons we have been exploring the world using an Atlas, maps and the globes. The children began by looking at the village, town, county, country and continent they live in. We then began learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans in the world. We sang songs to help us remember the names of the continents and oceans in order from largest to smallest. The children also explored physical and human features in the different continents. 

The code show.

We had lots of fun exploring a variety of different computers, technology and games from many years ago. It was great to delve into the past and compare to our electronics today.


We played the percussion instruments- it got rather noisy…

The Creation Story.

We have been learning about how Christians believe God created heaven, Earth, plants, animals and people over 7 days. The children made their own story maps and acted out the scenes to help them to retell the story.

2D shapes.

The children have been using mathematical vocabulary such as sides and vertices to describe 2D shapes. To help support this vocabulary they practised making the shapes using straws.

Story time.

Year 4 have been busy writing their own stories in English. We were very lucky as they came to share their stories with us. We really enjoyed listening to their work and hope they can come back soon…

‘We are Architects’

In Art the children have been learning about architecture. The children explored lines and patterns in their sketchbooks and then went on to design and make their own houses. We were amazed by the resilience, teamwork and skills the children have shown. The children were proud of their end product and evaluated them before taking them home to share.

Our role this half term is ‘We are Gardeners’. 

Please click the link below to see how we have taken on our role this half term.