Meet The Teachers

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Citizen’

Our Wonder questions are:

Who is part of our community?

How can we help our community?

How is our school important to our local area?

What makes a good citizen?

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Palaeontologist’

Our Wonder questions are:

What is their job role?

Who is Mary Anning?

When was the first fossil found?

What will fossils tell us about 2023 in a 1000 years time?

Topic Launch

To launch our topic we got into role and dug out a bird skull. We had lots of fun, whilst we discovered how it can take palaeontologists months/years to eventually get to a fossil. As they do not want to rush the discovery and damage anything. 

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Cartographer’

Our Wonder questions are:

Who created the first ever map?

Why do maps have symbols?

Who collects all the information for a map?


Topic Launch

To launch our topic we discussed what we already know about maps and what we can see on them. We then used our dictionaries to find the definition of cartographer. 

Miss Ilyas then showed the children maps of Burnley and asked them to find where they live and if they could find Worsthorne school. Some maps were very detailed and it was easy to find Worsthorne.

Once we had done this, we used the maps to help us be creative with our front covers for our new topic. 

Our role this half term is ‘I am an Egyptologist’

Our Wonder questions are:

What life was like for a child in Ancient Egypt?

How were people mummified and was everyone buried in a tomb?

Why was Tutankhamun so famous?

Manchester Museum Golden Mummies Exhibition

We had a fantastic day at the museum. We had a good look at all the different exhibitions displayed at the museum.

We spent most of our time at the special Golden Mummies Exhibition- it was fascinating seeing all the different mummies and we spotted canopic jars, linen cloth and other tools used in the mummification process. The children loved looking at the hieroglyphics carved into stone as well as the beads used to decorate a tomb. We discussed how important the role of an Egyptologist is and how their hard work over the years has told us so much more about the Ancient Egyptians.

Activism Art

This half- term Year 6 have looked at Print and Activism with Mrs Pier. The objective was That artists can use art as a way to express their opinions, using their skills to speak for sectors of society.

In this unit, children were introduced to the idea that they can use art as a way of sharing their passions and interests with their peers and community. We started by introducing the children to artists who are activists, and then we went on to help pupils identify and voice the things they care about as individuals.

The children chose a subject that was personal to them. Their art needed to challenge, provoke a response, communicate a strong idea and have a clear message.

As you can see from the art produced they have followed the criteria. They used a mixture of print, paint, pens and typography. We are so proud of their final pieces.

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Prime Minister’

Our Wonder questions are:

How many Prime Ministers have there been?

What is the population of all the countries in the UK?

Why is Ireland independent?

Councillor visit 

On Tuesday, Mr Cunliffe, who is part of the Green Party, came to Class 6. He spoke to us about voting and how decisions are made in the government. We learnt about different parties and how Lancashire wants more control over decisions made about the area. Mr Cunliffe explained the different districts in Lancashire and how they become different voting areas.

It was really interesting to hear about all of Mr Cunliffe’s jobs- he has lots of different lanyards. He told us that he is a governor at our school for 4 years and then he will need to be elected again.

Report compiled by Darcy and Frankie.


Year 6 had so much ‘electrifying’ fun during our science topic of electricity. Firstly, we revised what we learnt in Year 4 about electricity including different types of circuits (series and parallel) and components of a circuit: bulbs, motors, buzzers and switches.

We also talked about careers which need a good understanding and knowledge of electricity.

Then we created our own investigations and linked the battery’s power with the brightness of a light bulb or how having more than one light bulb can make the light dimmer. We recorded how they were effected by adding additional components. We used appropriate symbols for each component. We worked in pairs to record our findings and came to a conclusion after completing the investigations.

Maths scavenger hunt

Year 6 loved taking part in a reasoning and problem solving hunt. They worked in small groups to collectively solve problems. The challenge was to answer all the questions correctly to earn team points. 

Our role this half term is ‘I am a Biologist’

Our Wonder questions are:

What is their job role?

How do you become a biologist?

What do they study?

What can biologists find out about the human body?

Topic Launch

To launch our topic we explored the human heart using a pumping heart model. We discussed who would know a lot about the human heart and how would they know. After this, we looked at a case study of Nazifa. In her video, she spoke about how she became a microbiologist. 


In P.E, we have developed our teamwork skills by playing games with our eyes closed or not being able to use our hands. This has encouraged us to work well as a team and follow instructions. 

Buddy Time

It has been a very exciting half term in Year 6 … they have all met their buddies and have got to know them more.

There have been smiles all round as the children have shared stories and played games together.

All the children look forward to buddy time on a Friday afternoon. 

Greek Horiatiki Salads

This half term, we have been looking at Greek food in our D.T. lessons. After lots of research and salad ideas we made our own horiatiki salads including: halloumi cheese, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, capers and Caesar sauce. All the children absolutely loved the authentic Greek ingredients and trying new foods.

Year 6 Resources 

Below is a list of useful Year 6 revision websites. Please don’t try to use them all- have a look through them and find your favourites. Miss Ilyas’ favourites are BBC Bitesize and the learning games on Topmarks. 


Maths and English Practise

IXL have separate pages of skills linked to individual Year group.  The Y6 page has links to practise both English and Maths skills.  Pages are then split into skills of which has a practise question for the children to think about.


BBC Education have produced a whole host of materials for KS2.  Follow the KS2 link and then select either Maths or English.   Each area usually has an information section for reading, plus an activity and then quiz which is marked online.  Some aspects require a subscription.


A site with fantastic learning games. Pick a topic and play the game. Hit the button is fantastic for learning multiplications


A site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along.


A site with a range of information and questions – great for revision purposes!


A revision site based upon the old Key Stage 2 Tests but still contains lots of useful information for both Maths and English.


Click on “For Kids” to access some fun games to practise speed of recall of times tables.


This site has loads of Maths games which help to practise a range of skills.


Loads of Maths games on a range of Mathematical concepts.


A range of English games and activities.


Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules.


A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.