Meet The Teachers

Miss Ilyas

Mrs Pier

Teaching Assistant


We have made a wonderful start to our learning in Year 6. In English, we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and are now well on our way writing survival stories.


In P.E, we have developed our teamwork skills by playing games with our eyes closed or not being able to use our hands. This has encouraged us to work well as a team and follow instructions. We have also taken part in dancing and are keen to learn new skills.

Greek Food
In Year 6 this half term, we have been looking at Greek food in our D.T. lessons. This week, they have been very lucky and had a visit from Alex, who has Greek heritage. She came in and spoke to the children about the Greek foods she eats and cooks for her family. She told the children about her visits to Greece and what she enjoys doing whilst she’s there. They were extra lucky- she had cooked pitta with ztitziki, Greek chicken, gyros meat and humous. All the children absolutely loved the authentic Greek food and learning about the different ingredients that went into making them. They had a fantastic time!

Anthony Higginbotham, MP for Burnley visited Year 6 as part of our new topic. We are focusing on the United Kingdom and are in the role of ‘I am the Prime Minister’. The MP spoke to the children about his job. They took part in a mock Parliament where he explained how Parliament works and all the different seating areas. Year 6 then took part in two debates about two different topics- should gaming time be limited and should voting age be lowered to 12.

Year 6 learnt a lot about how British democracy works and the role the Prime Minister plays in Parliament.