Worsthorne Primary School


We believe that having a school uniform helps the children to see themselves as belonging to the Worsthorne team: group of people who can learn, play and grow together. It allows their personalities to shine through rather than their outfits and, as we value each child as an individual, we think that is very important.

We expect all our children to wear the correct school uniform so that they look smart and feel proud to belong to our school.

Looking smart – feeling proud!

School Uniform

Below you will find a list of the items of clothing that make up our school uniform: red polo shirt navy cardigan navy sweatshirt grey trousers
grey shorts grey skirt grey pinafore white, grey or black socks
grey, black, white or red tights In warmer weather, red and white gingham dresses can also be worn.



Where to buy your uniform:

School uniform items can be purchased from many shops and supermarkets in town.  In school we have a stock of polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo, which are made for us by Grays Outfitters.  These can be purchased from the school office or by using our online payment system.



Shoes should be plain, black, hard-wearing with a full toe.  Canvas shoes, trainers or sandals are not part of our school uniform and should not be worn.  In the Junior classes, the children are allowed to bring trainers for use at playtime or during Games lessons.  In the colder months, some children prefer to wear short, black boots.  Knee-high boots are not permitted.

In very wet or snowy weather, it is sensible for children to travel to school in outdoor boots or wellingtons.  On these occasions they should bring their school shoes with them to change into once indoors.  We allow children to play out in the snow if they have brought appropriate outdoor boots or wellingtons.


PE Kit:

For PE lessons, the children need a white T-shirt, black shorts and black pumps, which should be brought into school in a named bag.  PE bags should be in school all week as, although we have timetabled PE sessions, sometimes there are changes or extra sessions put in.  We need to have them ready at all times!  PE kits are sent home on Friday for washing and returning the following Monday.  It is a good idea to check your child’s pumps from time to time as their feet grow rapidly and pumps can sometimes get forgotten.


Forest School Kit:

Over the year, each class will take part in Forest School sessions.  These sessions take place outdoors in all weathers other than high wind or thunderstorms.  Forest School kits should contain clothing appropriate to the time of year and the weather.  It is highly likely that the children will get muddy during their Forest School sessions so please bear this in mind when selecting the clothing to include in your child’s kit.  In the colder months, lots of layers are recommended, along with thermals, hats, scarves and gloves.


Hair Accessories:

Long hair should be tied back at all times. Any additional hair accessories, such as bows or headbands, should be small and plain in either red or navy blue.



We allow children to wear a watch, a pair of plain silver or gold stud earrings or a medical alert.  Other than those items, no other jewellery should be worn.  Children wearing other pieces of jewellery will be asked to remove them and the items kept safely in the school office for collection by an adult.  In the interests of safety, all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons, including swimming, or when deemed necessary by the adult supervising the children.  Please note that your child will need to remove and replace their own earrings.  If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, please take them during a school holiday so that they have time to heal before returning to school.  This is to reduce the risk of infection for your child as they will have to remove their earrings to take part in some lessons.


Make Up:

Children are not permitted to wear make-up of any kind.  This includes tinted lip balms and nail varnish.  Nail varnish remover is kept in school so that children can clean their nails if necessary.


Labelling your belongings:

Please ensure that your child’s name is in all of their belongings, including coats, PE kit and Forest School kit.  It is best to use sew-in labels or a permanent marker, as ballpoint pen soon fades.


Lost Property:

We make every effort to return items of clothing that have been found in school to the correct child.  This is easier when the clothing is clearly named.  If we cannot establish the owner of the item, it is placed in the Lost Property basket in the front entrance to school.  Periodically, the Lost Property basket is emptied and the items put on display, for instance at Parents’ Evening.  At the end of each term, any unclaimed items are disposed of through Burnley Borough Council’s recycling service.


‘Good as New’ Uniform:

Any used uniform which is ‘good as new’ can be donated to school prior to the Christmas and Summer Fairs, where they will be sold for donations.

Thank you for your support in keeping Team Worsthorne looking smart! 