In our PSHE topic ‘Being Me in my World’, children talked about the importance of team work. Children then worked in teams to create Lego houses. 

Welcome to our Folk Tale Café

To launch our new English unit we transformed our classroom into a café for the children to ‘taste’ different folk tales. The children enjoyed their three course meal  and washed it down with a side of blackcurrant! 

A former member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters and at 7ft 8in, Paul is recognised as being the ‘Tallest Professional Basketball Player in the World’. Over the last year he has been in national media for also being recognised as ‘Britain’s Tallest Man’. He is not only passionate about basketball, but also towards inspiring the next generation, and through the basketball visit, his main aim is to expose children to the sport along with reinforcing very positive messages into them.

Tudor Afternoon

What a fantastic afternoon we have had! The children’s parents were invited in for a Tudor banquet. The children shared their learning of King Henry from our history topic. They have spent two days preparing and cooking food to share with their grown ups as well as singing for them. We are so proud of all of our children. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in for the afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What is sound and how can we hear it?

Outdoor reading area 

With the nicer weather here, Year 4 are able to use our outdoor reading area. They love our new seating area, sitting under the trees and getting lost in their books.

Coronation Art Work

To celebrate the King’s coronation we created portraits in the style of the artist Frida Kahlo

We are Historians!

I wonder why King Henry VIII is such a well known king? 

Last Friday, we had a visit from Mrs Ali – another faith friend from Building Bridges. Children have loved having the different visitors throughout the year, as they have had a chance to learn more about different religions. Mrs Ali shared lots of information about the religion of Islam and how Muslims live their lives. Children learnt about the call to prayer, heard her read in Arabic and some children even got to act out praying. In KS2, children found out more information about the 5 pillars of Islam- they discussed how this links with every day life such as giving to charity and being a good person. We even had a chance to explore lots of different artefacts such as a prayer mat, a zakat (charity) box and scriptures in a frame. 

We are Authors! 

This term, year 4 have been using the story of the Queen’s Token by Pamala Oldfield. They have really enjoyed it and wrote their own chapter to end the story. They have spent time editing their work to make sure that they have included fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and speech. 

I am a Judge!

During our Pendle Witch topic, children will learn about the history of the trial and they will become judges! 

On Friday afternoon last week, Year 4 were treated to a visit from Arthur’s dad (Chris), who is a police officer. He came in to help us with our Pendle Witch topic. In this topic, children will be looking at the trial of the witches and finding out what changes were made to the law from this trial. The children were so excited to see what Chris had brought in for them to look at. He then talked about the law in England and linked this to our topic before creating our very own witch trial! With the help of Chris, the children identified a witch in our school (Thank you Mrs McKenna for being our witch) before putting her on trial! Some of the children become the jury, some became witnesses (for and against Mrs McKenna). They absolutely loved the after and we cannot thank Chris enough for giving up his time and coming into school!

Wow! What a treat we had for World Book Day. Year 4 got to spend some time with the amazing author  Vanessa Norwood who wrote the book, Snoggles and Snorts: Learn to be the superhero in your own story. Together we created their own monster called, Pickles. 

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a visit from Neetal a faith visitor from Building Bridges in Burnley. She talked about the Hindu religion and taught us dancing that is commonly done at time of celebrations, such as Diwali. All the children and staff loved learning about the different forms of God, celebrations and how it is the oldest religion in the world founded in India. Neetal commented on how much she loved visiting Worsthorne and working with all the classes. She even said she was impressed how respectful all the children were. We learnt so much and had a great day- the dancing was our favourite part!

This half term, year 4 are putting their sewing skills to the test! We have been looking at pencil cases for our product. We have been looking at the different features, what the purpose is and what they need to be like to be a good pencil case. We have learnt how to create different fastening and we have been practising different sewing techniques such as a back stitch, running stitch and a whip stitch. Later this term, children will design  and create their own pencil cases.

This week, children in year 4 have been investigating teeth. Our I wonder question for this lesson was, ‘I wonder how our teeth work?’.


This term in English, children have been reading the story of the Worst Witch. They loved the story and created their own chapter. Here they are proudly sharing their work with each other. 

Topic Launch 

On Monday, Neil from the Ribble Valley Trust came in to launch our new spring topic. This term, children will learning about living things and their habitats and become Wildlife Biologist! As part of our topic, we will be caring for our very own class trout. 100 trout eggs were delivered and the children are now watching them and waiting for them to hatch.


This term in art, children will be exploring patterns. For our first lesson, children studied the work of Gillian Adair who creates sensory patterns. Have a look at the children creating their own patterns using her technique.


This term, children have been learning all about dilemma stories. We used the story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ to learn about the features of dilemma stories. We then wrote our own stories based upon ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. We are so impressed with their final piece of writing. They created their own story books.

The Rainforest 

This term in geography, children have been learning all about the important of the rainforest. Children looked at the different layers of the rainforest and how they are all different. They created their own booklets explaining about each layer. 


This week we have started our length and perimeter unit in maths. Because the weather has been ok this week, we decided to take our learning outside. Children drew different size rectangles and had to work out the perimeter of their rectangle. 

Wow, what a start to the half term! On Monday, we were treated to a session with Max from R.O.C.K. We spent some time in the hall becoming our very own Year 4 rock band. The children loved this opportunity and had a blast playing the instruments.

Topic Launch


A big thank you to one of our parents for coming into school to help launch our science topic ‘ We Are Electricians’. The children loved hearing all about Mark’s job. They also loved looking at all the equipment he brought in to show them.


This half term, we have been learning about why Diwali is important to Hindus.

Design Technology

This half term, year 4 have been investigating alarms. They have used their learning from science in supporting them in making an alarm. Children explored the different products, thought about who the users would be and the purpose for each alarm. We then made our own alarms to catch those naughty elves!

Spanish Day

Yesterday, children in KS2 celebrated all things Spanish. From this year children will no longer be learning French and we will be learning Spanish. The children spent the afternoon tasting Spanish food, learning about the history of Spain, learning how to flamenco dance and .learnt about great Spanish artist.


The children have been learning about the story of the Pied Piper. This week, the children have used drama techniques to show that they understand the story. They then thought about how the different characters felt at different parts in the story.


The children have written their own stories based on the plot of the Pied Piper. We can’t wait to share our stories ‘The Pied Piper of Worsthorne’ with year 2 this week.


To start our science unit, children worked in small groups to make gloop. The children loved getting messy and seeing how the gloop acted when it was being moved, and when is was still.

Children were given the I wonder question, I wonder what will happen to the raisin when we put it in to lemonade. The children were amazed when they saw the gas bubbles lifting the raisin to the surface.


Year 4- Sculpture

This half term, children in year 4 have been learning about sculptures. Our theme has been centred around birds and the artist Marcus Coates. Children studied his work and talked about how the bird sculptures made them feel and  what they think it might be like to live in a nest. Children then used different mediums to draw/paint birds nest.

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