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Our job role and wonder questions

Traditional Tales

Year 1 have been exploring traditional tales in English. We have been reading Hansel and Gretel before writing our own stories. To make our stories even more exciting, we decided to change the house that Hansel and Gretel visit. We had a go at building the houses in our construction area before drawing and writing about them. 


Year 1 have been exploring different measurements. We have learnt about measuring height and length using centimeters and we have learnt about measuring mass using scales. We used the scales to investigate how many cubes were the same as different objects. We knew it was the same when the scales were balanced. 


In Science we have been exploring seasonal changes. We have learnt about the different seasons, explored how the weather changes, learnt how animals adapt to the seasons, investigated how daylight changes and used our sticky learning from last half term to think about how plants and trees change during the seasons. 

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Our job role and wonder questions.

Forest School


Year 1 have been creating wishes in forest school. They have written their wishes on logs and hung them outside.

KS1 Singing Assembly


Year 1 and 2 have started learning some songs in a weekly singing assembly. They had lots of fun choosing new songs to learn.



Year 1 have been exploring instructions in English. We had to think carefully about all the steps we needed to follow and how to give instructions to a partner without missing steps out. It was very tricky and took us a few attempts to get right. 

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Our job role and wonder questions.

Year 1 reading boxes


Every Friday 2 children get to take home our reading boxes.  The boxes include a story book or knowledge book, a sketchpad, paints, felt tips and pencils. The children spend time at home reading their book with a hot chocolate and a cuddly toy and then draw a picture to show what they have enjoyed. 

Rise of the Cool Kids (R.O.C.K)


Year 1 really enjoyed their taster session with R.O.C.K. They got to try lots of different instruments and make their own bands.

Our Trip

Year 1 had a really exciting trip to Rochdale Fire Museum. We learnt a lot about older fire engines and how the Great Fire of London happened.

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Our Job Role and Wonder Questions


Year 1 have been reading ‘lost and found’ by Oliver Jeffers. In our geography lessons, we have explored hot and cold places and identified where the penguin might have come from. In provision, we have been building penguin houses using different shapes, exploring how to travel to different places and creating different modes of transport to help Boy and Penguin.

The Code Show

We had lots of fun exploring technology at the code show. We loved learning about what is inside our bodies. We used our Sticky Learning from science to help us remember the different bones in our body. 


In science, we have been exploring our bodies and how all our bodies are different.
We used mirrors to look at our faces and draw self-portraits.
Look at how different we all are.

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