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Our Job Role and Wonder Questions

Following directions

We have been exploring directions. We had to read the directions on the cards to our partner and navigate around the room.

Rural and Urban

We have been comparing the areas of Burnley and Worsthorne. We have learnt about rural and urban places and we had to decide which type of area Worsthorne is.

Forest School

We have been having lots of fun in Forest School. We have used potato peelers to whittle sticks and we have been exploring the weather and seasons.

NSPCC Number Day

We really enjoyed number day. We had lots of different number tasks to complete.

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Our Job Role and Wonder Questions

Children in Need

We had a really good day celebrating Children in Need. We were very luck to have lots of Pudsey Bears to look after for the day.

Writing Instructions.

We have been learning how to write instructions. Before we could do the writing, we needed to have a go at making. We were making jelly to trap the Evil Pea.

Adding and Subtracting.

We have been working really hard on our adding and subtracting in maths recently.

Relief Printing

We have done lots of work on observational drawing and line drawings in art. We used all of our knowledge of patterns, shapes and textures to have a try at some relief printing using foam and printing ink. It was very messy and lots of fun.

Christmas Cards in RE

We had to sort the cards out into different piles. We spotted that some cards had parts of the Christmas Story on and some did not.

Classifying animals.

In science we have been learning about animals. We have learnt that animals can be classified into groups such as mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects. We have also learnt that we can classify animals based on what they eat into groups such as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

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Our Job Role and Wonder Questions

Sorting Objects

In maths we have been sorting objects by colour and type. We have had to think carefully about how different objects can be sorted. Sometimes there are lots of different ways to sort objects.

Comparing features

In science, we have been learning about the human body. We conducted an experiment where we predicted and then researched who has the biggest feet. It was lots of fun to find out.

Rainbow Challenges

We have been working very hard in our Continuous Provision to complete our rainbow challenges.

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