Meet The Teachers

Role – I am a botanist

I wonder who plants all the wildflowers?

I wonder where plants come from?


This half term the focus is plants. We will:

– Identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots; stem/trunk; leaves; and flowers.

– Explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant.

– Investigate the way in which water is transported within plants.

– Explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.


Science Launch

The children roamed around the school grounds examining plants.  

Topic – Industrial Revolution

What is the industrial revolution?


Our topic for the term is history based and will focus on the industrial revolution.  The children will study what life was like before this and how it changed our country.

The children will explore the key inventions during this era and how they played a role in the changes.


On Friday May 5th, we had a day celebrating the coronation of King Charles III.  We completed some tasks linked to art, religion and history.  Below are images of the children completing their work and groups dressed in red, white and blue.

Educational Visit to Fleetwood Museum

On Thursday May 11th, Year 3 went on an educational visit to Fleetwood Museum. The children and staff loved visiting different workshops where the museum staff worked in role explaining how and why Victorians visited the seaside. We found out about how steam was created to power trains to get the people there. We visited a boarding house where rich people would go at ‘Wakes Week’ and where poor children worked as maids. The children dressed in Victorian clothes to have their picture taken – we found out that it took 30 seconds for a single photo to be taken and that they had to remain still throughout hence Victorian people never smiled.

The last part of the visit was a traditional Punch and Judy show which involved a naughty crocodile, cheeky monkeys, sausages policeman, a crying baby and a dirty nappy! The children laughed their socks off!!!

Role – I am an explorer

Who discovered North America?

I wonder who were the first people who lived in North America?


This half term the topic focus is North America. We will be:-

– Using latitude and longitude to locate places on a map.

– Using maps to locate countries and islands in North America.

– Studying human and physical features of the continent.

– Focussing on the volcanic eruption of Mount St Helens.

– Comparing and contrasting different localities.

– Spend time researching our ‘wonder questions’.

Topic Launch

The children had to find images of places and monuments from North America that were dotted around the school.  The children worked with partners and made a list on mini whiteboards.  When the children had found them all’ they had to try and predict what our topic was for the term.  There were some really close guesses by Theo (South America) and Benjamin (Continents.

World Book Day

The children were given a little box and they had to decorate it and add props to depict their favourite books.  The children did a fabulous job.  Below are  photographs of the children with their boxes.

Ukelele Workshop

The children participated in a workshop where they experienced playing a ukelele. Many thanks to Mr Ridgeley, the husband of Mrs Ridgeley in year 1.  They learned some chords and strummed along to a track from Ed Sheeran.


The children investigated how we need light in order to see.  They used sugar paper to create an opaque tube and peered down it at their knowledge organisers.  The children could only see when light was allowed in.  They found out that darkness is the absence of light.


The children investigated how pivots and levers are used to make things move.  They used their knowledge to create a poster with moving parts, to advertise their innovation to the story of the Iron Man.

Role – I am a geologist

I wonder if all rocks are the same…


This half term the focus is rocks. We will:

  • Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties.
  • Describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when things that have lived are trapped within rock.
  • Recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter.
  • Rocks and soils can feel and look different.
  • Rocks and soils can be different in different places/environments.

Topic Launch

The children examined some rocks closely using magnifying glasses.  They found that some of them contained crystals, layers, grains and colours that you couldn’t see with the naked eye.

I wonder if I would like to be a child during Victorian times…

Topic -Victorians

The children will use different sources to study what life was like in Victorian times, especially for children.  We will look at how life was different for rich and poor Victorian families.  We will also study the life of Queen Victoria and use chronology to place key events in the correct order.

The photographs below show the children examining some Victorian artefacts such as washing dollies, washboards and hot water bottles made out of clay!


Our Topic this half term is Climate Zones.  The children will take on the role of a climatologist in order to find answer questions such as:

Do all animals survive in different climates?

Does it rain in every country?


The children will use different sources to study different climate zones.  They will also use globes and world maps to locate lines of latitude, and learn how these are linked to climates.


The children will also compare climate data from a range of different locations.

Rock Stars

All children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 had a blast trying out different instruments from a rock band.  The plan is to have a ‘Rock’ club where the children learn to be part of a band.  More information will be coming you way soon.

Out of School Awards

These children have won awards out of school.  These range from martial arts to reading.  Great effort!!


The children are taking on the roles of historians to find out about the World Wars.  We have been set a challenge from a school in Didsbury, Manchester, to find out what it was like for children.  They want to see our children’s work at the end of the topic.  Here are some photos to show what has been happening in Class 3. Some children have even brought in their Grandad’s war medals! 

Our Classroom

Here are some of the displays that we have been using in Class 3 to help us with our work.


We have been discussing different emotions. The children worked in pairs to mime them. I wonder if you can work out the emotion that they are portraying in each photo?

Out of School Awards

These children have won awards out of school.  These range from martial arts to reading.  Great effort!!

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