‘Teachers plan interesting work that relates to the ‘real world’. As a result pupils are highly motivated to learn.’

The Curriculum

At Worsthorne Primary School we offer a curriculum that is rich and exciting. The staff here work hard to make learning relevant and fun – and our pupils thrive as a result. The following quotes from our latest Ofsted report support our view that our pupils genuinely love learning:

‘ The curriculum provides a wide range of exciting experiences including after-school clubs. It is a significant contributory factor to pupils’ good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’

‘Teachers plan interesting work that relates to the ‘real world’. As a result pupils are highly motivated to learn.’

‘The school provides an excellent range of visits and activities to excite pupils about learning. As one parent commented, ‘I am delighted with the creative and enriched education that my children are experiencing at Worsthorne Primary School.’ The curriculum is related very well to pupils’ interests and experiences.’

We follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage in Reception Class and the National Curriculum in from Year One to Year Six. Links to both documents can be found below:

Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage The National Curriculum in England

Teachers link together the skills and knowledge the pupils are required to learn into ‘themes’ or ‘topics’, which makes the learning more relevant and real for the children. Topics include learning taken from the relevant curriculum but are tailored to reflect the needs and interests of each class. First hand experiences are at the heart of each topic and the children regularly go off-site to visit other places or have expert visitors into school. For further information about the learning that is taking place in each class, visit the class pages where the teachers post the details of the current class topic.

Below you will find a copy of our Curriculum Policy, which gives more detail about our approach to planning and delivering the curriculum.

Curriculum Policy


Below you will find a series of Curriculum Overviews, one for each class, which contain information about what is taught in each half term: