Welcome to Reception Class

Class teacher: Mrs Hobley       Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Drinkwater and Mrs Reynolds

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This term our topic is…


We will:

  • describe superhero characters;
  • discuss talents and how everyone is unique and special;
  • find out about the jobs of ‘superheroes’ in our community, e.g. police officers, fire fighters, Peter Lollipop!
  • be helping each other (co-operating)
  • move like superheroes to energetic music;
  • make superhero gadgets and vehicles;
  • create superhero costumes;
  • design our own superhero art in the style of Andy Warhol;
  • explore superpowers in science, e.g. magnetism;
  • and superpowers in nature, e.g. camouflage, cheetah’s speed, puffer fish;
  • look at ‘Google Earth’ to see how the world looks to a superhero;
  • make kryptonite (green jelly) to explore changing properties;
  • and complete lots of superhero maths challenges.

Useful information about the curriculum for Reception Class

Curriculum Overview – EYFS 

Key Learning in Communication, Language and Literacy

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