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During the school closure, the Government is providing vouchers for families of children who are eligible for Free School Meals.  To check if you are eligible, please visit Lancashire’s Free School Meals web page by clicking on the link button below.

If you think you meet the criteria, fill in the online form and let Mrs Young know by emailing her, head@worsthorne.lancs.sch.uk

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Hello again everyone,


This week we will be continuing our Literacy topic about the Second World War but focusing on propraganda so I am really looking forward to learing about that with you all.   Last week several of you at home put your quizes on Seesaw and the children in school really enjoyed doing them.  Hopefully you could hear our audio feedback.

In maths we are investigating 3 d shapes and their properties, relfection and translation.  Some of the lessons on MyMaths for the beginning of the week are Year 4 as you might need to be reminded of some of the vocabulary.  At school as we are getting through White Rose quite quickly the children are also having a go at MyMaths, if the rain continues you might want to do the same.


Spelling are on Seesaw again.  In school we are doing some science work about Lifecycles and I have put a link on our webpage so that you can do the same if you want.

We only have two more weeks of school and then I must let you have your summer break and wish you well as you move up to Year 6.

I am sad that we wont all be together as a Year 5 class again but please continue to post your work and communicate with us all at school.  Let’s make these last couple of weeks the best.


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Long











Links To Learning

Science - Lifecycles

Extra information and activities about evacuation and WW2

Dictionary Link

Rivers and Lifecycles

This term in Year Five we have some new class mates – 100 to be precise! We have taken delivery of 100 trout eggs and will be nurturing them and watching them grow until they are able to be released into the River Calder at Townley Park in Spring. These new additions to our class are part of our topic about Rivers and Lifecycles and we hope to integrate this subject into our art work this term with some river bank inspired textile work. In Literacy we are reading and then writing our own science fiction stories and in maths we will be tackling word problems, graphs and fractions. WE are also looking forward to Play in a Day later in the term.

Trout Release

Sadley we weren’t able to see our trout being released into the River Calder at Towneley Park but Neil have posted their release on You Tube.  Follow this link and see if you can spot your favourite trout leaving the bucket!!!!

Ribbles River Trust have sent me this information about Rivers and Climate change – some of you might like to look at it , CLICK on the icon below if you do!  Mrs Long

Neil has send me this homelearning pack about rivers.  It looks really interesting, especially if its a rainy afternoon.  I found the section about the 3 Ps (week 2) particularly illuminating!!!   Mrs L

Downloadable Resources

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