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During the school closure, the Government is providing vouchers for families of children who are eligible for Free School Meals.  To check if you are eligible, please visit Lancashire’s Free School Meals web page by clicking on the link button below.

If you think you meet the criteria, fill in the online form and let Mrs Young know by emailing her, head@worsthorne.lancs.sch.uk

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Please return all reading books and library books to school.

Place them in the red box in the main entrance.

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Magic Number

Choose your own number up to 100 to turn it magical.

Have a play with the numbers you calculate and make sure you are giving yourself a challenge when partitioning and showing a calculation.

Links to learning:

Year 1 love the author Oliver Jeffers. He wrote one of our favourite stories: Lost and Found. You can listen to some of his stories here.

Watch some animals at Edinburgh Zoo

Keeping Clean

We pretended the glitter was lots of little germs from sneezing, coughing and touching our mouths. The children touched the glitter or ‘germs’ and it stuck to ours fingers. We then put soap on our fingers, the ‘germs’ moved away!

This shows how important it is to wash our hands with soap to get rid of all the germs.

Goodbye germs!

This Term’s Topic Is:

Dinosaurs Including Growth and Green Fingers

Look at this speckled egg Mrs Young has found whilst walking in a forest. It was entangled in the roots of a tree that had blown over in the strong winds we have had lately. We are investigating what kind of egg it might be as it is hundreds of thousands of years old.

Which animal do you think it might be from?

Dinosaur Explorers

We have been using the dinosaur hide to stay safe whist hunting for dinosaurs.

Our own dinosaurs

We have read the book ‘Flip Flap Dinosaurs’ where you can mix and match the top part or bottom part of a dinosaur.

Our new dinosaur creations are amazing!

Look at Arthur’s ‘Flyasaurus’ which is part T.Rex and part pterodactyl.

Winter including Arctic and Antarctic animals

Meet the Meerkats!

Following on from the Arctic and Antarctic animals, we have been researching animals from a different climate.

Meerkat Mail

Sunny the Meerkat is fed up of his family and his home. He wants to find somewhere new to live. He visits his relatives in different environments and realises there is no place like home!

We have research all about meerkats: what they like to eat, who their predators are and where they live. We made our own non-fiction books about meerkats which also includes a contents page.

Our new vocabulary:

humid, desert,  scorching, mob, mail, note, environment, blazing, arid, grainy, perching, hind legs

Ice experiments

The children predicted how we could melt ice quickly. We chose:

Warm water – warm water in a spray bottle

Warm air – using our warm breath

Salt – sprinkle salt on the ice

Guess which melted the ice the quickest?

Looking at different environments

During the first part of the Spring Term, Year One will be looking at different environments and animals. We will be exploring the Polar Regions, observing winter weather and using new vocabulary words to describe environments and animals. We will read the books ‘How the Bear lost his tail’ and ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.


The children are still going to be bringing home 2 reading books a week. Please read with your child for 10-15 minutes (without distraction) each night. Remember to discuss the book: talk about any words they are unsure of and ask questions to show their understanding. We are working hard on fluency and understanding within class at the moment.

Please ensure the children are practicing the phonics sounds (laminated cards in reading bags) at home to help with their reading and writing.

Year 1 are trying so hard with their pre-cursive letter formation but keep practicing as every little helps!

This term we will be looking at reading and writing words containing –s, -es, -ing, -ed, -er, and -est.

We will also be investigating what a ‘Successful Sentence’ looks like using capital letters in the correct place, the correct punctuation, phase 3 and 5 phonics and checking writing for sense.


The up and coming Maths chapters this term are: Addition and Subtraction to 20, Shapes and Patterns, Length and Height, Numbers to 40 (looking at place value including tens and units/ones) and Addition and Subtraction word problems. We are still working very practically using lots of equipment to help the children to visualise processes. Some skills you can help your child with are: number bonds to 5 and 10 (4+1=5 or 3+7+10), counting forwards and backwards from any number up to 100 and counting in 2’s. 5’s and 10’s.

Don’t forget to practice NumBots!

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