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Autumn Term 2021

Over the last term, year 3 have completed a sponsored run. In teams we ran the length of Antonine wall that the Romans built. Every child ran 17 miles over a period of time. To celebrate completing these miles we had a Roman fancy dress day.

This term in science, Year 3 will be learning all about light and dark. Over the next few weeks, children will;

  • Recognise that they needs light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.
  • Notice that light is reflected from surfaces.
  • Recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect eyes.
  • Recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object.
  • Find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.

In topic, we will be learning all about the River Nile and why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptians.

Scan the QR code below to see what we have learnt so far about the River Nile.

This half term, we have started to use Purple Mash for our computing lessons. The children have really enjoyed using Purple Mash and are looking forward to using it more next year. We have been using Purple Mash to learn all about spreadsheets.

What are Year 3 learning about this term?

Children in class 3 have been learning all about Roman Britain. Children learnt about the changes from the Iron Age into Roman Britain and how the Romans changed Britain. At the end of our topic, class 3 received a ‘letter from the government’ saying that they were considering removing the Romans from the Primary curriculum. The children were outraged and thought it was totally unacceptable. The children wrote letters to the ‘DFE’ and then emailed them to Mrs Nicholls. The children were so passionate about keeping the Roman topic and produced some fantastic letters.

This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about rocks and soil. Every lesson has been fun and hands on. Our first sessions started by comparing and sorting rocks by their physically appearances. The children then took part in an erosion experiment. Children then used their coding skills to show how fossils are formed. We then looked at how soil is formed by creating our own edible soil pots.


This term, Year 3 will be learning about life in Prehistoric Britain. We will be looking at the changes from Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Also this term, Year 3 will be learning all about forces and magnets.

Whilst Year 3 have been at home ,they have been carrying out their own experiments. You will be able to see these soon on our class page.

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During the school closure, the Government is providing vouchers for families of children who are eligible for Free School Meals.  To check if you are eligible, please visit Lancashire’s Free School Meals web page by clicking on the link button below.

If you think you meet the criteria, fill in the online form and let Mrs Fox know by emailing her, info@worsthorne.lancs.sch.uk