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Oral Health in Early Years

Take a look at what we have been up to…

I am ME!

Starting School

We have focused on the book ‘The Colour Monster’ .

The children have been talking about the different feelings, when we might feel this way and ways to help. They have been doing some super ‘rainbow breathing’ to create calm and some great facial expressions to represent the other emotions.

Our PE sessions are underway. Focusing on Fundamental Movement Skills.

Forest School has started for Reception Class. 

Children have been learning the 5 promises and exploring the environment. 

We cannot wait to see how the sessions develop throughout the year and seasons. 



Elmer the elephant has helped us to understand that not everyone is the same. We are all unique, special and different in many ways… and that is OK. 


Learning Through Texts

PSED- Personal Social and Emotional Development and C&L – Communication prime areas
in the EYFS curriculum.
We have focused on a text each week, that focuses on personal development, reflection,
making relationships and understanding other peoples feelings.


Children made firework pictures using loose parts.

They made their own ‘sparkler’ and practiced the rules with it.


To launch our half term topic of ‘Everyday Heroes’, we came to school dressed as a hero.

We have done lots of Superhero activities and talked about what it means to be a hero.

Is a nurse a hero? Is a builder a hero? Is a lollypop person a hero?

We have decided that any body who helps us can be our HERO.

Numbers to 10! 

We are now working on all of our numbers within 10. Number bonds, number facts, ordering, comparing, and number sentences! 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We have been talking about challenges and having a go. A challenge is supposed to make us think, try and use our perseverance.

The children were set various challenges to complete as a group.

One was to remove all of the water from the water tray, without spilling any!

Another was to build the tallest tower possible with small bricks.

A group was challenged to build a house out of paper.

The final group had to make a stick tower.

Following this, we talked about the challenges, problem solving and how it felt complete/ not complete the challenge.

It was then lovely to see children continue learning, by setting other challenges.

Number Work

We have introduced odd and even numbers within 10.

The children had the help of Numberblocks to help to see the difference between odd and even.

To prove that a number was odd or even, the children counted out a given number of objects and needed to share it between two pots. If the pots were equal with the same amount in each, the number was even… if the amount in the pots were not equal, the number is odd.

Physical Development

We have started our ‘Terrific Tales’ unit with Jack and the Beanstalk.

In PE the children had to throw a bean bag at a target (the giant)

They had to move along apparatus in different ways

They practiced throwing the ‘beans’ out of the window.


Kandinsky Art Work

Fairy Tale Land - School Trip


We have started our new topic ‘I am a Go Jetter’. We will be going all around the world on an adventure, finding out about landmarks, cultures, different countries and places on Earth.

Our new PE unit this half term is SPACE. This week we started by jetting off to space, practising running, rolling planets and jumping over craters.

We have been looking at the numbers 16-20 this half term.

The children are really enjoying the composition of number. They are seeing and representing number facts so well. Children know that 10 + 6 = 16. They looked at what would happen if we had 16 – 6 or 16 – 10.

Number 16 is a ‘square’… this has led to us looking at shape at the end of the week. There is a special square club and number blocks/ shapes are only allowed in if they have

  • four sides – all the same length
  • four corners

Children have been looking at and describing other 2d shapes to see if they are allowed to join the square club…

The children have been showing their creative flair, making their own Vroomsters to go all around the world!

Our Environment


Seesaw application

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