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Oral Health in Early Years

Take a look at what we have been up to…

From making friends, settling into routines, exploring the environment, trying school dinners and gaining confidence… Autumn Term 1 is very much about: 

Settling into school life

Diwali – The Festival of Light

Learning all about this special celebration. Making Rangoli patterns, reading stories, looking at a celebration and making lanterns to guide Rama and Sita home.

Bonfire Night

Having our own bonfire, making toasted marshmallows, firework pictures, bonfire food stand, edible sparklers and bonfire safety!


Who has trapped the veggies? The children are looking out for the pesky Evil Pea!

The children have really enjoyed this story and have learnt the to retell the story from start to finish using a story map to help! Great use of vocabulary from everyone!

The classroom has been over run with children’s creations as they have tried to create contraptions to trap the evil pea!


Children in Need

We have enjoyed meeting Pudsey Bear and learning all about how we can help raise money for Children in Need. The children have been really thoughtful about others.


From Supertato, to Superworm! We have enjoyed listening to this story and are focusing on rhyme. We will be learning all about worms and the children have already come up with some amazing questions that they want to find the answers to!

We will be practising our Superworm chant too:

Superworm is super-long

Superworm is super-strong

Watch him wiggle! See him squirm!

Hip, hip, hooray for SUPERWORM!


We have been finding out all about real worms and how they live! This has been an interesting fact finding mission, with some amazing new knowledge!


As soon as December arrived, it has been all about Christmas! What a wonderful time of year to spend with children!

The classroom has been a buzz of excitement and preparation. Writing cards, making decorations, reading Christmas stories, acting out the Nativity, singing songs, dressing up, making Christmas crafts… the children have been busy little elves!


The Three Little Pigs

The first traditional tale that we have visited this half term has involved three little pigs and a BIG BAD wolf. Children have enjoyed joining in with the story and the repeated phrases.

We have used this as an opportunity to look at materials and their properties. The children had some brilliant ideas of building houses from wood, plastic, metal and even glass. We talked about the different ideas and the children came up with great reasons for and against.

The children have enjoyed role playing the story together and we have had more than one big bad wolf wandering around! The children wanted to make wolf masks (some opted for pigs) and so we were soon a full class of animals.

Number work – we started recapping numbers to 10. Looking at number recognition and ordering numbers to 10. Later in the week, we have been focusing on Number Bonds. Children know that these are numbers that are ‘best friends’ and go together to make a whole. Children have been finding numbers to make 10 and then orally saying the number sentences back. For instance, “6 and 4 makes 10”.

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been sharing the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. The children have enjoyed telling the story, joining in with “Fe Fi Fo Fum!”, making story maps, playing the story out in the role play area, counting ‘magic beans’ and measuring lots of beanstalks using different objects.

We have rehearsed the story and talked about the features of traditional tales. We have read a few versions of the story and chatted about how the details in stories can change over time. Children have enjoyed making ‘life size’ story maps to ‘walk through’ the story journey.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have been learning about Goldilocks and the three bears. There has been lots of discussion about Goldilocks choices and if these were the right ones. The children all agreed that Goldilocks should not have entered a strangers home, tried the porridge, sat in the chairs or slept in the beds!

Children have been acting out the story, making bear faces using loose parts, and using our traditional tales phone book to dial the numbers and speak to different characters. The children have made us giggle with their pretend conversations and I have to say that Goldilocks parents now know what she has been up to!

The children have helped to make porridge and chosen different things to pop in it. I must say that Goldilocks would have eaten it all! It was lovely to see every child try it and we loved hearing comments such as “I have never tried this before but I love it!”


The children completed their Tots on Tyres course. The balance bike course is to ensure that all pupils are of a similar standard at the end of the course. Whilst some may be highly competent, others may have been sitting on a bike for the first time. This course was great to get everyone moving and to a confident standard. We have booked the follow up session to this, for May. Children who can already ride a pedal bike will work on their bike skills, drills and games. Whereas others can be taught to ride a pedal bike.

Chinese New Year

Children have loved finding out all about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

The children have been looking at the celebrations that take place, the importance of red and the animals of the Lunar calendar.

The children in our class were born either in the year of the Monkey (2016) or the year of the Rooster (2017).

We have been learning all about Tigers as 2022 is the year of the Tiger!

Maps and Journeys 

  • Talking about where we live and directions
  • Looking at different types of maps, from Google Maps, local maps, atlases and even maps of a Zoo
  • Children have been looking at different ways to travel and transport
  • We have been reading a story with repeated phrases called ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. The children have designed their own bike, adding things to it, like the character in the story.


PE – Journey to Space

Children travelled in a variety of ways safely through space!

There was fast running, imitating blast off. We had star dodging where children needed to travel on hands and feet around the stars, to reach the planet! Children had to save the falling planets by rolling it across a bench to each other with control and precision to make sure it didn’t fall. Then there was crater jumping, jumping from one hoop to the other.

A busy, active and well engaged session. We love our PE sessions!

World Book Day has been the running theme as a ‘World Book Week’. We have been reading lots of stories and revisiting some of the children’s favourites! From We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Gingerbread Man, Zog, The Smartest Giant in Town, Elmer, and many more!

On a ‘bear hunt’ to read some words…


We talked to the children about Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday which is the start of Lent for people who are Christian. During Lent, Christians get ready for Easter and think about becoming better people. During Lent, some Christians stop eating some foods like cakes or chocolate.

In the past, people gave up food like eggs and butter. So on the day before Lent began they used up all these foods by making pancakes.

Children in class all enjoyed a pancake at snack time and we had lots of discussions and debates about the best toppings!

We have made a list of all of the different types of transport/vehicle that we might find on a road. The children had some great answers, and a Lamborghini (Or Lambo as the children said) was a popular choice!

We enjoyed reading two books with a bus theme. We went on an adventure with the ‘Naughty Bus’ and children enjoyed the story ‘You can’t take an Elephant on a Bus.’

The children then thought of their own unusual pairing of an animal and mode of transport. They each drew a picture and wrote a sentence to match.

Traffic survey – Data Handling


Oh the excitement! The children LOVED this activity and there was a real buzz for learning.

In class we talked about the types of transport that may pass our school.

Together we came up with a chart to complete.

We learnt about tally charts and how to fill these in.

Outside we went… and for half an hour, we recorded the vehicles passed school.

We had a great time, with 37 cars, 2 buses (the same bus turned around), 8 vans, 3 work/diggers and even a helicopter!

We have looked at ways to travel by air. From an aeroplane, jet, helicopter, hot air balloon, etc … and even a broom! We read Room on the Broom and children designed new transport for the characters to ‘whoosh’ through the air!

The Hunt is on!

As you will see from our learning overview, we love the Summer Term and the opportunities for learning outdoors. The children have started their hunt and research already! They spotted the Investigation Station immediately and they have already been learning about our Minibeast friends!

“Mrs Cockett, this ladybird is dead!”

After a little investigation, observation and a look at our ladybird fact card, we found out that when ladybirds feel threatened/scared they ‘play dead’. And guess what, in a new spot, with children watching from a distance, the ladybird was in fact teasing us… it started to move and eventually flew away!

Sharing – Fair shares – Number work

We have been looking at sharing into equal groups in our maths work this week. The children have been making sure that the same number of bees are helping to make honey in each hive.

Busy Bees

We have been finding out lots of new information about these wonderful Minibeasts. Ask your children to tell you a thing or two, some of our newly learned facts are very interesting.

From this, we have been learning about fiction (made up) and non-fiction (not made up) books.

Each child have created a page for our class information book on bees. We are going to share this with some of the other classes in school.

We shared this fictional story together.

The children really understood the message.




KINDNESS is the best way to be a good friend.


We have been looking at information and facts about different Minibeasts. The children have enjoyed the rhyming text that we have shared and other non-fiction books to help us find out more. It has been an interesting week for us grown-ups in class, finding lots of little pots around the outdoor area, and even the classroom, with some little creatures for us to observe. (Centipedes, ants, beetles, caterpillars, worms and ladybirds)


We have shared a lovely story of imagination this half term. What can a stick be? We had lots of ideas and creations from the children.

A walking stick for a mouse? Toothpick for a giant? Fishing rod? the possibilities are endless…


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 

Each child in Reception Class has made a special Jubilee t-shirt as a memento of this special occasion. We hope that you agree, they look fabulous!

To start our Under the Sea topic, we have shared the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’.


We have been working on rhyming words and spelling patterns of these. For instance, sand-hand-land or fin-tin-win

The children have enjoyed the story about Tiddler.

Tiddler is a little fish who tells the tallest tales in the ocean. But did he really ride a seahorse? Did he really meet a mermaid? And what about the scariest story of them all – the one about the fishermen and the net?

Ask your children at home about this entertaining story from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

We have read the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch this week.

Some pesky seagulls keep pinching the lunch from the basket.

The children have thought about different sandwiches that they could make, that the seagulls may not want to pinch.

We have practised writing instructions as to how we make a sandwich, but to do this… we had to all make one ourselves.

Step by step- everyone made their own jam sandwich and even got to eat some of it at snack time.

We had a big discussion about healthy choices, and it seems that jam may not be the healthiest option. (Even our ‘no added sugar’).

We have been focusing on the book, ‘Pirates love underpants!’

We have been specifically focusing on adjectives (describing words) to describe the pirates and the different underpants!

Children have created wanted posters, written descriptions and written some ‘Guess the pirate’ clues too.

The Clean Up Crew!

Children were so insightful and understanding about the importance of keeping our beaches and seas clean. The children enjoyed our story and have shared some important messages about plastic and recycling!

Seesaw application

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