About Our School

Achieving our goals through dedication and teamwork


 The dedicated team of professionals at Worsthorne Primary School prides itself on the quality of care and education it offers and the progress made by the pupils it serves.

 We achieve this by:

  •  providing each pupil with an excellent standard of education which enables  them to reach their full potential;
  • creating a happy, caring and nurturing environment in which all pupils can learn and play safely;
  • valuing every pupil for their personality, talents and abilities;
  • working hard to be the best that we can be and motivate our pupils to do the same;
  • preparing our pupils for life in a diverse United Kingdom by providing opportunities for them to respect and understand themselves, each other and citizens of the wider world;
  • working in close partnership with parents and carers;
  • fostering positive links with the village in which we are situated, and its community;
  • being forward thinking in our approaches and attitudes;
  • finding opportunities to create lasting memories for every pupil;
  • and encouraging our pupils to become motivated, life-long learners  and successful, confident adults.

Our school is in the village of Worsthorne, just outside the town of Burnley in East Lancashire. Worsthorne school is large and modern in design. It has extensive playing fields and grounds. We serve the communities of Worsthorne, Hurstwood, Brownside and Pike Hill, although many children travel from further a-field. We cater for children from the age of 4+ to 11.



DfE Performance Tables
We pride ourselves on the achievements of our pupils .  For Worsthorne Primary School’s latest  results and progress information, please visit the Department for Education’s Performance Tables website at www.gov.uk/school-performance-tables.

Statutory Assessments Results for Key Stage Two 2017

% reaching the expected standard in reading: 76%

% reaching the expected standard in writing: 82%

% reaching the expected standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling: 94%

% reaching the expected standard in mathematics: 76%

% reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics: 73%

% reaching the higher standard in reading: 24%

% reaching the higher standard in writing: 30%

% reaching the higher standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling: 30%

% reaching the higher standard in mathematics: 12%

Average in progress in reading: -0.8

Average progress in writing: 1.5

Average progress in mathematics:  -1.9

Average score in reading: 104

Average score in grammar, punctuation and spelling: 106

Average score in mathematics: 103

Class Organisation

Reception Mrs Hobley
Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Drinkwater
(teaching assistants)
Year 1 Mrs Cockett
Mrs Spencer and Miss Holden
(teaching assistants)
Year 2 Mrs Noon
Mrs Skaife
(teaching assistant)
Year 3 Mrs Kayley
Miss Topping
(teaching assistant)
Year 4 Mr Lomas
Mrs Robinson, Mrs Pier and Miss Brocklesby
(teaching assistant)
Year 5 Mrs Long
Mrs Wallace and Mrs Wells
(teaching assistant)
Year 6 Miss North
(Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs Pier and Mrs Stevenson
(teaching assistants)

Intervention and Class Cover


Mrs Hanley and Mrs Masanjika


Our classrooms are large and airy. They have modern furnishings, equipment and interactive whiteboards.

We have 7 full-time and 2 part-time teachers. We also have several Teaching Assistants supporting the pupils’ learning through targeted interventions or working in our classrooms.

We have before and after school care through the ‘Dawn to Dusk’ Club, which will look after and entertain your child from 7.45am to 5.45pm.

Many parents and grandparents help the teachers in class or in our Library and we are always pleased to receive offers of help.  Safeguarding checks are carried out on all volunteers in line with our school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Governors at Worsthorne Primary School

Our school is supported by a highly motivated and skillful governing body.  The Chair of our Governing Body is Mr Andrew Foster.

More information about the Governors and their responsibilities in school can be found by opening the document below.  If you need to speak to one of our Governors, please contact Mrs Redman or Mrs Marsden in the school office.

Attendance at Governors’ Meetings

Governing Body Committees


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